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Assalamualaikum and Good Day!

I am Zambri Harun (750419-08-5621) would like your help to find a missing girl.

She is Rosnina Bte. Che Ros, nicknamed Intan (810916-08-6268). She is my cousin. 2 latest pictures of her are attached in this email. (5'5" & fair-bright skin). She has been missing from her home in Kangar on 3rd October 2001. Her parents believe that she was kidnapped at their home on that night. They have lodged a police report. If you happen to spot her anywhere, please directly contact her father and her cousins.

Che Ros Bin Hamid (5525575) at 0124291596

Zambri Bin Harun (750419-08-5625) at 0123345547 Petaling Jaya r45059@hotmail.com

Hashimah Bt. Hashim (770415-06-5588) at 0356214181 Petaling jaya shima2000@hotmail.com

Ramlan Bin Harun (770309-08-6123) at 0122249334 Petaling Jaya ramlanh@hotmail.com

Rozaidee Bin Harun (740408-08-5929) at 0193527889 Bangi rozaidee@tm.net.my

Please forward this emails to as many people as possible. Her parents have not slept in 3 days! I really appreciate your time in spreading this email. May God bless you for your help & I hope with your support, her parents can find her safely.


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